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Welcome to Birdax!

Record & share your UK bird sightings and photos online

  • Recording your bird sightings with ease (Sample Profile)
  • Watch your life and year lists grow
  • Upload photos of your sightings
  • Share sightings & photos with friends (automatic email notifications)
  • Create groups for your club, family or locality

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Register now...

Looking for a clean and simple way of recording your bird lists and photos online? Why not sign up right now and get started straight away!

It's free, with no obligation! (A small annual subscription may be introduced in the future, but there will be no obligation to continue to use the service and your existing lists will always remain available.)


Your Sightings

Bird@x is a website specifically designed for UK Bird Watchers. It enables you to record and share your sightings and photos of UK birds online. Bird@x automatically tracks your Life and Year Lists as you record your sightings. Easy!

Whether you are a seasoned birder, or just enjoy birdwatching occasionally, Bird@x helps you enjoy your birdwatching even more by making it a shared experience with friends and other enthusiasts.


Friends and Groups

Bird@x allows you to connect up with other birders as friends, and to form groups of people who have things in common. Bird@x can send you notifications when your friends see a new species and you can communicate with each other on the site via comments.

Why not set up a group for your local birding club or your family or join an existing group that's right for you.



On Bird@x you can search for information on recent sightings by location and by bird species, as well as keeping track of where your friends have been birding and what they've seen.

Bird@x also provides widgets that can be easily placed on your blog or website to provide an up to the minute total for your Year and/or Life Lists.